How To Build A Digital Online Business To Making $10,000/Month
With Total FREEDOM.

Hi, my name is Patric Chan.

I've started my online business so I can enjoy the "internet lifestyle" and have the freedom that I want.

To build online businesses that generate passive income for me while I'm not working.

In total, I work about 10 hours a week, with the weekend's off. That's about 2 hours a day and I usually work in morning until lunch time.

If that's your goal too, making predictable income each and every month from the internet and to have time with your family (and for yourself too), then this may be the most important letter you'll ever read today.
You see, I’ve been in this business for more than a decade now. To be precised, 16 years.

In fact, believe it or not, I’ve even witnessed the birth of many of today's Internet Gurus -after all, most of us started together at the same time.

I started in 2003.

And by 2005, I was getting invitations to speak at seminars and conferences all around the world!

Within the 3 years period of 2005 and 2008, I’ve spoken in 11 countries including the United States, Australia, China and the UK as an authority on internet marketing. To date, I’ve spoken in 12 countries.

But after 2008, I've stopped traveling all around the world for speaking is because I made the decision to spent time with my firstborn baby.
In 2013, I launched my online business seriously in ClickBank and after that, I achieved the Platinum status. Since then, each year, I've received the ClickBank Platinum Award - an award where only the 1% of ClickBank seller gets. 
They went from sending paper certificate to plated certificate! Below's the one for 2020...
This is the "criteria" of being a ClickBank Platinum, thus, this is the reason why the 1% of us are so proud...
Combining offline and online, many of my students have made millions by using the internet. And it's common for some to be making 5 and 6 figure incomes.

In fact, our product was even featured in because it has helped my student to achieve success and her success story was picked up by them.

With my student's successes, it also motivated me to write 3 best-selling books about internet marketing.

One of them was even co-authored with Robert G. Allen, the New York Times best-selling author of One Minute Millionaire, Multiple Streams of Income and many other mega big bestsellers. It sold millions.
BUT What If I Would Tell You That...
"I Did All Of These With ZERO EMPLOYEES And Only Work 10 Hours A Week?"

Because I build a business that makes money for me as passively as humanly possible and more importantly, to give me freedom.

To achieve this, I use a different approach:

“How can you generate more profit, while scaling the business smaller?”

After all, the smaller the operation, the less overwhelmed you’ll get and in fact, you’ll also be making more money.

Simple science.

That’s how “Operation Zero Employees” operates.

It’s about creating an ideal online business that be can your “online money machine”.

My recent summit was sold out - weeks before the event
As long as you are building a knowledge-based business, it doesn't matter if you are an affiliate marketer or wanting to sell offline trainings/seminars - Operation Zero Employees model works!

The fact is, I rarely get involved with “trading time for money” activities anymore.

Hey, I've got 3 kids. Call me selfish if you want, but my priority goes to my family.  At 40, I'm not getting younger and I want to make sure I "spend" my time wisely.

So if you see me working, it’s usually invested in developing “systems” or it’s to serve a bigger purpose. Otherwise, if I'm trading time for money, I'll only do it when my fee is 50K per day (I'm already hitting this rate now). 

This leads me to share with you that I’m happy to announce that I’ve cracked the code.

And now, I’ve made the decision to help my other fellow internet marketers and my students to do the same...
Is This Powerful System For You?
Before you continue reading, just let me get it straight –

If you want to build a $100 million startup or become a CEO working in a big office space, this is not for you.

This is for those who wants to run and own an internet business with total freedom – without the baggage of managing employees, without going to the office, without having high overhead costs, without renting big offices and so on. You get the idea.

It’s for someone who wants to make 5 to 6 figures of monthly income...

and yet be able to work in Starbucks on their own terms.

I mean, it doesn't have to be Starbucks – it could be in your own preferred place to work. If you like, you could be working in any country for that matter.

Basically, it's for someone who doesn’t want to be controlled by a boss or even investors.

He can do whatever he wants with his own business - because he has freedom NOW.

The Operation Zero Employees 6-Week Online Masterclass
Basically, it all boils down to having a system in your business.

After "testing" this model for 5 years, I can streamline the formula into 3 core components:
  • 1.  Operation
  • 2.  Automation
  • 3.  Campaign
And three of these are inter-connected to become a SYSTEM to help build an evergreen online business without even needing you to have your own products to sell.

In fact, it's so powerful, I've even applied to promote an OFFLINE seminar by using purely the internet. For instance, previously, I've partnered with Anik Singal to promote an event here in Asia where he's the speaker.

In this arrangement, I'm the "affiliate marketer".
I organized the entire sold-out event with no employees. And no product of my own is required too. It's Anik's product that I'm selling but I get to keep a portion of the profit made. At the end of the campaign, I added an additional 400 customers and made "money from this air", doing something that I love and impact lives.
Originally, Only A Handful Of Clients Were Invited To Learn The System In My House...
After I have systemized my business to generate incomes passively and achieved my freedom, I taught my system to just a handful of clients. 

But because I've sort of "retired" from the coaching business at that time, I do not plan to do a big class.

So, those who wanted to learn the system were invited to come to my house to attend 3 days of intensive coaching class with me in person.
They were invited to my house to go into the "secret room" to learn how I create freedom
Here are the feedbacks from the attendees...
Robin Ooi, who is a SEO expert with clients from all around the world
Welly Mulia, founder of
Melvin Soh, Co-Founder of Enlightened Profits 
Andrew Clacy, The Australia Local Marketing Expert
Man Phuah, Top 5% Vendor in Warriorplus and Product Awarded WSOTD
Sukarto Sudjono, Top Online Business Coach & Trainer In Indonesia
Albert Leonardo, Top Facebook Marketing Guru and eCommerce Expert
Michael Bolduc, Master Success Coach, coached over 3,000 coaches

FOR 2020:

Transforming The 3-Day Class To 6-Week Online Masterclass!

As you can see, most of the videos are Asians because not many could travel to my house and secondly, I didn't even open up Operation Zero Employees publicly, it's only "by invitation".

They get the invitation because they met me at events or referred by my other students.

But this year, 2020, I'm going to do something special:

For the first time ever, I'm going to make it available as a 6-week online masterclass so that you are able to get the system - regardless of where you live!

Secondly, because it's now being provided as videos, I'm able to record ADDITIONAL TRAINING AND TUTORIALS for beginners to watch too.

This way, Operation Zero Employees Program is now being made suitable for experienced marketers and also, newbies to succeed.

Here's How To Access The Upcoming 6-Week Online Masterclass...

There are 6 core modules over the course of 6 weeks.

When you join today, you'll automatically get access to the first 2 classes. After that, for the next 4 classes, you'll continue to access them to complete the entire online masterclass.
Class #1: The Business Breakthrough Mindset (Instant Access)
If you ask any successful entrepreneur (or marketer), each of them has their own belief system. Also, their brains are wired "differently" than the rest of the ordinary people.

Yes - Elon Musk is a very intelligent person and talented, he started coding at the age of 12. But for his remarkable entrepreneurial breakthrough, I don't think it has to do with his talent anymore, it has to do with his mindset. How his brain is wired for business success.

Module #1, with almost 2 hours, teaches my 9 breakthrough mindset philosophies. 

Think of it this way - if you want to win in a game, you need to follow the rules and use them towards your advantage.

These 9 "rules" are for your long-term success and will guide you to win in your game, including your "10X" business breakthrough.  

Truth is, the biggest obstacle for most is actually not knowing how to train their mindset to become an entrepreneur. Thus, they continue to get distracted and go down the endless dark rabbit role. If you are the type of person who continue to buy courses after courses, or hopping from one program to another one, you'll know what I mean here.
Class #2: Operation (Instant Access)
This operation is all about how you operate your online business, from internally to externally. "Internally" is where you’ll be trained to be a strategic marketer, rather than a tactical opportunist.

The reason why our business is growing is because our current marketing approaches are STRATEGIC – they’re executed with precision to achieve the result. 

Another word is this, they’re result-driven methods.

In terms of "externally", it’s about how you assemble your team and plan out your business to grow. 

I'll actually walk you behind the scenes of the same formula of operation – from running a million dollar business to the day-to-day planning.
Class #3: Automation 
This is where most marketers, including beginners, start to fail and end up being overwhelmed and frustrated.

I love automation because I know how to play it.

If you’re thinking that automation is merely about setting up email autoresponders, I wish you were right, as that would make my life so easy.

In this module, I’ll go into depth about the components of automation that I’m currently using and how I'm setting them to free up my time impressively.

Just think – if setting up an email autoresponder is all that is needed to quit a job, I think many marketers would have achieved success with internet marketing, right?

We’re talking about business automation here.

That means…


“Automation” also includes ROI and your finances.

Do you have a “fixed income” from your business and are you able to achieve it each month?

That's how you make at least $10K/month. 

Frankly, most marketers are living in oblivion when it comes to “ROI accountancy”. I know this because I used to be in that space.

Right now, I get paid my monthly income "on time" and consistently each and every  month.

Other components of automation include…

1.  Your email marketing
2.  Your upsell, downsell and cross-sell
3.  Your follow up system with prospects
4.  Keeping your existing leads and customers engaged
5.  Traffic automation (my top secret traffic generation methods and source)
6.  Handling customers and providing support

Are you ready to automate as many components of your business to free up your time and generating income passively?
Class #4: Social Media Traffic
Whether you like it or not, you no longer can ignore social media. The fact is, this is the SOURCE for you to promote your online business - whether you want to build your brand or to generate unlimited leads.

In this module, you'll learn the system that I’m currently implementing in my company and you'll see how exactly I'm doing it like clockwork. The system is A.D.D - automation, development of content and distribution.

The entire training is focused on TURNING social media's content and ads into ROI (return of investment) to generate income, not followers.

This training includes how to run Facebook ads profitably.

Once you have the framework on how I use social media and ads, then only I can teach you the CAMPAIGN MODULES...
Class #5 And #6: Campaign
This is the driver of your business.

The secret to a profitable internet marketing business is launching marketing campaigns and having evergreen ones.

This is not a product launch.

Yes, we can do that too but I do see a flaw in product launches…

It’s a one-time thing and chances are, you will use up all of your ammo for a one-shot hit. If you fail, I wouldn't even dare to look at your losses. It’ll be ugly.

In my humble opinion, until you’ve truly sharpened your marketing skill, I doubt product launch should be your priority.

Secondly, In Operation Zero Employees system, you DO NOT need to have your own product. The Campaign is focused on how to launch an offer, NOT a product.

You can be an AFFILIATE MARKETER and use the same marketing system. For me, I use it for both - to sell my own products and also, affiliate marketing.

Also, forget about traffic for the time being.

But master promotions instead.

It’s about knowing how to promote your offer, website and brand.

While the so-called Gurus are teaching you how to get traffic, they only know the entry-level knowledge.

You can’t blame them; after all, they may not know what they don't know.

So they try to improve things by applying the latest tactics – changing the color of the background, tweaking the headline, adding popups, etc.

Yes… those do work, but what they’re missing out is the psychology of buying and how prospects respond toward your offers to buy.

In my coaching class, I’ll reveal to you the 2 types of campaigns that help you to start, maintain and grow your internet marketing business.

You can use them to launch a product or simply, run them every month as evergreen campaigns.

Then we’ll get into the tactical campaigns like lead sequencing campaigns, traffic campaigns, profit windfall campaigns, etc.

Other than this, we will be covering the essential strategies for:

* List Building
* Traffic Generation
* Content Creation
* Website Conversions
* More Automations

Throughout these 3 components, there will be a lot of “sub-components” that I’ll be teaching. 
Honestly, Operation Zero Employees is probably my greatest breakthrough for the past 16 years in this business.

And you happened to be here at the right time because I’m going to open up the online masterclass for 20 clients.

Seriously, I doubt you are not going to fix your problems by doing the same stuff you've been doing.

Here's a typical approach...

When a marketer does not get sales for his business, he goes online to buy more traffic.

Ever been down that path?

And surely you know the outcome of it – the same result.

Or when an employee doesn’t perform, fire him and hire a new one, right?

Well, the problem starts again with the new employee.

Talk about the endless frustration of hiring and finding good people to do your work!

How many times do you want to go through the same frustrating process?

You may also be thinking that there are many other coaching programs available out there. There are, but unfortunately, they’re likely freshman level.

What you’ll be discovering in my 6-week online masterclass are advanced strategies and business concepts, applicable for both experienced marketers and newbies.

The big difference is...

I'm teaching you based on what I have done, am currently doing and what I'll be doing in the future - where my business model is relevant to YOURS.

And because of my past record, I think I'm quite confident in my upcoming strategies.

If you don't believe whether it works or not, the fact is, I AM THE RESULT of the system, allowing me to generate 6 figures monthly income while working for an average of only 2 hours per day.

But if you need to know of my credibility, here are some testimonials from authorities of the industries…
Robert G. Allen, New York Times best-selling author of One Minute Millionaire, Multiple Streams of Income, Nothing Down and many best-seller hits
Corey Davis, ex-VP Of Marketing - ClickBank (this was given when he was with ClickBank)
Russell Brunson, Founder of ClickFunnels 
Anik SIngal, founder of Lurn


When you join the Operation Zero Employees Online Masterclass today, you'll also get these 5 exclusive bonuses from me...
BONUS #1: Three Sessions of Online Live Group Coaching With Patric Worth $2,700 (After The 6 Weeks Is Over)
After the masterclass, you’ll get an invitation to join a live coaching session from me.
You’ll be able to take advantage of these 3 training sessions to discuss and brainstorm with me after applying the Operation Zero Employees blueprint to your business. In the training, I may also include case studies and powerful new strategies and tactics to help you scale your business.
BONUS #2: One Full Year of Closed-Door Facebook Coaching Group Worth $997 (After The 6 Weeks Is Over)
This is where you’ll get to mastermind with other Operation Zero Employees students and my other coaching clients. On top of that, you’ll also be able to use this platform to find JV partners to promote your internet business and also, continue to learn with each other.
BONUS #3: Your Operation Zero Employee’s "Copy-And-Paste" Templates 
Shortcut your marketing success by “copy and paste”.  In the Masterclass, I’ll be teaching email marketing to you. And I’ll also be revealing my secrets of using it to increase your conversions, generating sales on auto-pilot, “re-funneling” your leads and so on. 
In this bonus, I’m going to give you my exact Operation Zero Employees email system.
BONUS #4: My Personal Webinar Framework Template
Learning how to create a webinar presentation is one thing – but having the framework template makes everything 10x easier.  

You’re even getting the slides for the framework so you can follow along when I teach you. No more wondering what to put inside your webinar because you can just follow my lead to create a powerful webinar that SELLS.

My webinar framework template is different and one of its kind because it’s based on my 10 years + experience speaking on stages in over 10 countries live. 
BONUS #5: The AutomationCart Link Tracker & Retargeter
This is a cloud-based link cloaking, redirect, retargeting and split testing software. Everyone needs to track their campaigns and measure how many clicks they are getting, and split testing what works best. You'll need to have a software like this, otherwise, you'll end up using BitLy or some other URL shortener.
The Operation Zero Employees 6-Week Online Masterclass
Operation Zero Employees is not just about running a business with no employees – it's mainly about being free and increase your profit while working less.

The application is open to all marketers in the world, for newbies or experienced marketers. However, note that we are only accepting 20 clients.
I also want you to be aware that this is not a "normal" internet marketing coaching program. 

This is a program that comes with a proven model for you to start your business on the right track or to grow your income drastically while being able to achieve your FREEDOM.

The investment is only $997 today.

Just think, how “ridiculous” the investment is - if you can just make a measly $100 a day from what I’m going to share with you, you’ll make back more than your investment in just 10 DAYS.

It’s a no-brainer for the opportunity that is in front of you right now.

Here's the recap of what you're getting:

You'll get access to my brand new 6-week online masterclass program called, Operation Zero Employees to help you launch an online business that can generate incomes passively for you so that you are able to have freedom.

LIMITED BONUS #1: 12-Month Of Internet to Income Insider Coaching Archive Worth $997 For FREE!

Previously, I have a coaching program called, the Internet to Income Insider where my clients pay $997/year to join. In the coaching program, I get on live coaching sessions with clients and also, teach them new strategies based on my own or my client's case studies.

Frankly, this will be "all you need" for your current digital marketing and internet marketing training. Accessing this is like getting inside my "marketing mind" because the coachings and consultations are for REAL cases, not some theories.

As a LIMITED BONUS, you'll get access to 12 archived trainings, with means, there will be about 12 hours of powerful training to help you become a digital marketing expert.

LIMITED BONUS #2: The CB Platinum Secrets


Honestly, of all the topics, the most requested one by my subscribers and customers for to create is this - how to build a solid ClickBank digital product business.

Yes, there are many other marketers who are qualified to teach and yes, there are also other ClickBank platinums too. 

But I guess, the difference is this...

I'm just a guy who lives in a small island called Penang in Malaysia where I don't do any networkings or those typical "JV promotions" stuff. I don't even have employees. 

Apart than that, I've been a ClickBank Platinum for 7 YEARS in a row, which means, I have a system. Not luck. Or a product launch.

In fact, I was even able to get my product to be the #1 affiliate marketing product in ClickBank previously - not for a week, but FOR MONTHS.

Frankly, I'm not sure how much I'll be selling CB Platinum Secrets later on. It's definitely not going to be cheap product.

I'll teach you my ENTIRE CLICKBANK SYSTEM to create the digital product.

But you'll only get CB Platinum Secrets for free if you decided to grab Operation Zero Employees 6-Week Masterclass today. When it's launched this year, 2020, you'll get access to it for free.
Here are the list of bonuses you'll get today...
  •  BONUS #1: Three Sessions of Online Live Group Coaching With Patric Worth $2,700
  •  BONUS #2: One Full Year of Closed-Door Facebook Coaching Group Worth $997
  •  BONUS #3: Your Operation Zero Employee’s "Copy-And-Paste" Templates 
  •  BONUS #4: My Personal Webinar Framework Template
  •  BONUS #5: The AutomationCart Link Tracker & Retargeter 
  • LIMITED LAUNCH BONUS: 12-Month Of Internet to Income Insider Coaching Worth $997
  • LIMITED LAUNCH BONUS: The CB Platinum Secrets 
2020 seems to be like a challenging year for many. I count my blessings because my business has been growing as usual with Operation Zero Employees model. You can too.

Click the button now to start your Operation Zero Employees...
Do I need To Have A Product?
NO. The system does not rely on having your own product. Products is just a vehicle to generate income by selling them - in Operation Zero Employees, I'm teaching you how to build a system. You could use the system to partner with others with products or simply promote affiliate programs.
Is This Suitable For Newbies Or Experienced Marketers?
BOTH. Reason is, if you are a newbie, you want to start on the right track. 
And if you are an experienced marketer, you can definitely be using my system to scale up your business and also, build a business that can give you freedom. Originally, Operation Zero Employees is created to be advance program for practicing marketers but right now, it has been re-structured to be suitable for all level.
Is There Any Upsell After This?
NO. There are no additional courses or trainings that you'll be presented to purchase after joining. You'll get EVERYTHING I have to teach about Operation Zero Employees, including 12 months of coaching from the Internet to Income Insider for free.
Is There A Money Back Guarantee?
YES. Operation Zero Employees 6-Week Online Masterclass comes with a solid 30 days, 100% money back guarantee!
Below is the testimonial for Patric Chan from Michael Bolduc, Millionaire Master Coach, who has coached more than 3,000 students and Michael is also, an internet marketer who has generated more than a million USD from the internet...
I look forward to welcoming you inside the program.

To your freedom,

Patric Chan

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