"How To Be The 5% SUPER AFFILIATE - 
The Secret Strategies to Making $10,000 Or More Of Monthly Affiliate Commissions"
"How You Could Be Making 12 Months of Affiliate Income In A Single Month So You Have Time Enjoy Your Lifestyle..."
Dear Friend,

Let me ask you a question…

Do you want to make $10 or 100 dollars for affiliate marketing? 

Even up to $1,000 dollars of commissions... instead of making measly ten bucks.

Yes, I know it sounds like a silly question, right? 

But the weirdest thing is, many people are focusing on making ten bucks INSTEAD of thousands of dollars!

They waste time on lousy and useless methods.

Although the difference of $10 and $100 income is 10 TIMES, yet, do you know the effort to get an affiliate sale is almost the same?

Because I value your time very much, I want to be transparent with you - I will offer you the CB Super Affiliate Training to you at the end of this letter.

This is not some theory, but behind the scenes real money-making strategies I've used to become a ClickBank Super Affiliate and generated millions of dollars from just ClickBank alone.

Before we continue, let me do a quick brief of what affiliate marketing is…

Affiliate programs, also called Referral Programs, are essentially commission-based sales schemes. You recommend a site to your website visitors and pick up a percentage of any sales those visitors generate. This percentage of sales is as an affiliate commission. You benefit from the commission and the site benefits from the sales it wouldn’t otherwise have made if it wasn’t for you, as an affiliate marketer.

The good news is... 

CB Super Affiliate Training is suitable for newbies and experienced marketers.

CB stands for ClickBank. 

But the strategies I'm revealing inside apply to any affiliate programs you want to promote.

Anyway, if you’ve been around with internet marketing, you probably know what ClickBank is.

But if you’re not, that's okay. Basically, it’s the top affiliate network for info-products. The description below is taken from http://www.clickbank.com/corp/our-story/.

"Since those early start-up days, ClickBank has grown to be a top 100 internet retailer and leader in digital e-commerce, driving over $3 Billion in sales, improving the lives of over 200 Million customers and working with more than 6 million entrepreneurs in 190 countries around the world. Our multi-lingual customer service team now receives over 2,000 calls each day – no “you’re it!” required. The company has offices in Boise, Idaho and Broomfield, Colorado."
"Until Today, You Have Been Fed With Lies, B.S and GARBAGE Advice..."
So much B.S, it makes your head spin.

You may think that taking advice from the "Gurus" is always right? 

It could be...

But the best way to make your own judgement is by looking at where they’ve led you so far. 

You'll then know the answer.

The worst part is, most are just scammers in disguise. They're no "Gurus". They are just good at advertising themselves as experts.

Please tell me – have you heard of these "typical ways" to make money online taught by these so-called internet marketers... or even "Gurus"?
  • Common Method #1 – Create review sites to review products. But instead of reviewing the products genuinely, they are affiliate links. And oh, sometimes, just hire guys on Fiverr to record fake testimonials.
  • Common Method #2 – Create as many so-called automated "search engine friendly" video websites as possible where they’re supposedly to be monetized with affiliate programs. Then just let each make you $100 and you’ll be extremely rich.
  • Common Method #3 – Use software to convert text or graphics to videos. Then just blast it everywhere and "spam" YouTube as much as possible. Or post it everywhere in social media sites.
  •    Common Method #4 - Use some "submitter" software to submit videos to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc and these will give you free traffic to make affiliate commisssions.
And I don’t even want to touch the latest social media or Facebook shining objects NONSENSE.

Maybe… it works… to make chump change. To make that little ten bucks. I get it.

But if you evaluated these typical affiliate marketing tactics at a deeper level, you’ll soon realize…

1. It doesn’t add value to the prospects or customers

2. To a certain degree, it is based on luck of whether you’ll make money at the end of the month. This is why, they ask you to “create as many as possible websites”

3. IT DOES NOT BUILD A BUSINESS AT ALL. Look - how could fake reviews, useless websites or low quality videos build a business?

But in the world of super affiliates... 

It is different... 

"We build businesses that not only generate massive income for us, but creates consistent income we can count on."  
When it comes to building A TRUE BUSINESS, consistency is EVERYTHING. 
Again, I would go to the extend of saying you don't have a business if you do not have consistent income from it. 
Each month, I can predict how much money I'll be making and this allows me to create my lifestyle. 

Below's my commission from Aweber, generating commissions for me like clockwork - for YEARS NOW.
here's 2018, 2019, 2020 and even 2021... you get the point.
Hi, my name is Patric Chan.
I’m a best-selling author of multiple printed books, co-author of Clicking Cash with Robert G. Allen the New York Times best-selling author, organizer of many internet marketing seminars, international speaker of 12 countries, and a ClickBank Super Affiliate. 

With your permission, I will teach you how to build a high-level affiliate business and make a truckload of money from it - consistently.

This is advance stuff that can make you very rich...
Today, Let Me Share With You The 3 Pillars of Becoming A Super Affiliate To Making 10X Commissions for Yourself, Each And Every Month...
To become a Super Affiliate, yo must master the 3 components that I'm going to share with you here.

When you get these right, you won't believe HOW EASY it is to make commissions. To becoming rich.

Here they are...
  • Building Your BRAND: Allowing you to have authority in your niche
  • Building CUSTOMER LIST: So you're selling to hyper-responsive prospects
  • Mastering FRESH TRAFFIC: how and where to get traffic 
Tell me honestly...

Have you seen any affiliate marketing course or even coaching program focusing on these 3 strategies?

No wonder nobody's becoming a Super Affiliate but fighting for bread crumbs.

Do you want bread crumbs commission... or the lion's share?
Build Your Brand And Authority
Somehow, they don't want you to know this.

Why? Because they like playing the "I am a Guru" game. They want to "control" you.

They like you to keep on buying stuff.

Fact is, if you know how to build your brand like I do, you'll instantly make 10X more sales.

You're then on your WAY to making $10,000 monthly affiliate commissions. In fact, more.

You don't believe me?

Let me give one simple example...

Who's your favourite motivation Guru?

Okay, let's say it's Les Brown, the world's #1 motivational speaker.


I think he'll get more sales than you with just one email to his fans. 

You could prepare massive bonuses, set up all kinds of marketing campaigns, preparing follow up emails, being smart with FB retargeting ads and the whole nine yards of affiliate marketing, but you'll likely "lose". Flat out.

That's the power of a BRAND, my friend.

A brand allows you to be work "effortlessly."

It builds the trust for people to give you money.

By the way, I've seen Les Brown promote affiliate offers. This goes without saying; he crushed the rest of the affiliates, making them look so tiny like ants getting stomped.

Not that I want to brag, but I'm always a top affiliate in a product launch because I HAVE A BRAND.
Build A Customer List (aka Buyer List)
Your favourite Guru teaches you to build a list, right?

Well, they forgot to tell you to build A CUSTOMER LIST.

Imagine this... I build customers; you build freebie subscribers.

Whose list do you think is more responsive to buy products?

You see, the biggest part affiliate marketers missed out is...

They are so focused with making affiliate commissions, they never focus on building the most valuable asset of all - a CUSTOMER LIST. I call it, a "Buyer List."

Why I can become a super affiliate?

I build new customers every day. 

PROSPECTS who "paid" to be on my list.

Don't you think they'll be more likely to read my emails and "proven" to buy again? than your freebie seekers subscribers? 

I don't waste too much time with freeloaders.
Mastering Fresh Traffic
Do you know most authors are dead broke?

Simply because they don't know about marketing. 

Well, in the internet world, you need to know how to get traffic. Without that, it's IMPOSSIBLE for you to make a single affiliate sale. You know that, right?

Super Affiliates know how to get "traffic on demand."

That's how they can always win the game.

But not just ordinary traffic.

FRESH traffic.

Here's what I mean - assuming you're promoting product X as an affiliate to a prospect. 

If 10 other affiliates are also promoting product X to this same prospect, it will be tough for you to make the commission.

Work smart by targeting fresh prospects. 

Furthermore, when you can command traffic at anytime, you can beat other affiliates in launch contest to win big prizes.
The CB Super Affiliate Training 
If you're interested to be trained on how I build my affiliate business as a Super Affiliate, then I have good news for you...

Introducting the CB Super Affiliate Training.

If you’re going to be trained with my proven system, I think I should share with you why you’re in good hands...

But I won't just give you testimonials - because those can be fabricated. 

Instead, I'll give you PROOF for my credibility so you can distinguish yourself.

For a start, each year, I’m awarded with ClickBank Platinum Program for the performance I have with ClickBank.
I created a ground-breaking system to help thousands of people make money from ClickBank. Yes, these are our student’s sales, not mine...

The product  has been the #1 Affiliate Marketing product in ClickBank.

I don’t want you to think I’m arrogant or anything like that. It’s actually the opposite, but let me just put it this way – if I don’t have a strategy that works, I don’t think I can pull any of these successes.

And I will share that with you.
In the internet marketing circle, I'm also known as a "Super Affiliate."

The reason is, it's very common I'm listed as the top 10 affiliates for any product launch. 

Here's what Michael Cheney, a 7-figure internet marketer is saying about me...
The CB Super Affiliate Modular Training
There are a total of 5 modules, one module per week.

In each part, there are multiple trainings that will guide you through step-by-step.

Is This An Advanced Training?

Yes but it’s suitable for newbies and experienced marketers. 

Why? Because they’re STRATEGIES, not tutorials. 

You want tutorials? Go to youtube.com. You can find those for free.

I'm going to give you the secrets and strategies. If you’re a newbie, wouldn’t you want to get on the right path from day 1 so you can make 10x more?

And if you’re an experienced marketer, I can guarantee you’ll learn proven strategies you’ve never seen or heard before because these I’ve never shared with other marketers, until now.
Because of the size of the training, it'll be delivered and spread out over 5 weeks. 

The first module will start immediately once you've joined.

In this POWERFUL training, you'll learn my secret of building your brand to become a "Guru" in your niche. 

With your authority, you'll be able to "command" your market, allowing you to get more affiliate sales and higher conversions.

The rookie affiliate builds list; the Super Affiliate builds customers. 

I’ll teach you how to acquire customers for your affiliate marketing business. In another word, how to build your “buyer list”, before you even start affiliate marketing.

I’ll share with you how and where I get most of my traffic – the REAL source. 

Most Gurus are too afraid to tell you because they’re worried you’ll beat them at their game. 

Next, I'll also share where you can get fresh traffic – prospects who are not overly-exposed to other affiliate’s promotions. Learn how to get traffic from different sources to get new prospects.

There are many other secret strategies I'll be revealing inside.

Testimonial from Anik Singal, best-selling author of Circle of Profits and founder of Lurn
The Darkest Secret of This Industry: 
Top Affiliate Marketers Do Not Want You To Know My Super Affiliate Strategies... NOT AT ALL. You'll Become Their Risk To Make Money.
Let me explain...
The picture is me on stage receiving an award for being the top #10 affiliate in Russell Brunson's book launch. I don't know how many affiliates I'm competing with... probably, thousands.

As the top 10 affiliates, I receive prizes and invited to hang out with top marketers, but do you know the #1 prize?

A freaking Ferrari. Yes, Russell gave away a red Ferrari sports car as a prize.
In affiliate marketing, there are affiliate contests.

It's very common for you to win cash prizes for being the top #10 performing affiliate.

And top affiliate marketers don't want you to become "good" at affiliate promotion, because if you are at their level, you'll become their competitors! Simple as that.

This is their secret "free money."

They will not give it to you. Understand?
Here's The Breakdown of The 5 Weeks Of the CB Super Affiliate Training Modules...
When you secure yours, your first training begins right away - no waiting. Here's what we'll be going through for the next 5 weeks of transformation...
 Module #1: The Super Affiliate Blueprint
In the first week, we start with the 10,000 feet view. We dive into the "blueprint."
Previously, I held a mastermind retreat for my premier clients.

Because it's a small group of clients, I shared my EXACT BLUEPRINT of generating 5-figure affiliate commission on product launches. 

This is the "pillar training" for the entire Super Affiliate system.

You see, when you understand this model, you will know the affiliate programs you should promote - this automatically lowers your workload but increases your income.

One of the things I've shared is how to promote high ticket products to earn your 10X commissions.
 Module #2: Becoming An Authority In Your Niche
If you have been in the internet marketing industry long enough, you may realize this: 

The top 10 affiliate spots of a big product launch usually go to the Gurus or "branded" marketers.

You'll never see an "unknown" marketer's name at the leader board there, right?

Yes, it's an "unfair" industry.

The fact is, if you become an authority, you'll naturally become a Super Affiliate too.

In this week, I'll teach you 3 ways to gain authority:

1. How to execute Borrowed Authority. No, I'm not referring to getting testimonials from other marketers. That's lame and it's not even executable because the truth is, you're not going to get one from the big boys if you're just starting.

2. Positioning Authority. How do you build your brand? By knowing how to "position" yourself in the niche.

3. Content Authority. Find out the secrets of producing "hard core" content and those that will attract attention (and respect) to you. This is "content authority", not content marketing. Content marketing takes too much time but not "content authority" to position yourself.
 Module #3: Build Your Buyer List
This is probably the most powerful strategy to become a Super Affiliate.

In this week, I'll teach you 2 key things:

First, how you could have products (digital and physical) to sell -- without spending months or weeks creating them.

Second, how to get customers buying these products from you so that you build a customer list of your own.

I'll also share with you...

1. How to convert your customers to affiliate promotion buyers strategically, while keeping a very good relationship with them.

2. How to put together your paid offer for them to buy.

3. The step-by-step strategy to attract buyers into your marketing funnel.

4. How to create a SOFTWARE PRODUCT to build  a huge buyer list so that you'll have much higher perceived value.
 Module #4: Mastering Fresh Traffic
Now that you understand how to build your brand and your list, you will start driving traffic.

But not just any ordinary traffic...

Three criteria:

1. Scalable. If the traffic is converting for you, it must be scalable.

2. Targeted. Traffic that can be zoomed-in towards your preference.

3. UNLIMITED. In short, you'll never run out of inventory when you hit the goldmine.

I will teach you how to use ads for affiliate marketing too - the way that's working for me. I call this, the "evergreen" traffic strategy.
 Module #5: Stealth Super Affiliate Marketing Strategies
I have many other secret strategies to teach you in Week #5.

Not only strategies, but also money-making tricks, tactics and hacks.

These are some of my most powerful marketing secrets to...

1. Generate evergreen affiliate sales for your cashflow.

2. Crush product launches and win affiliate prizes for profit windfalls.

3. How to get targeted traffic from the search networks like Yahoo Gemini and Bing Ad Network.
When you get access to the coaching class, you'll get 3 EXCLUSIVE BONUSES to accelerate your success.

These are specifically hand-picked to give you the tools to build your Super Affiliate business.

What I mean is, they're not randomly selected - they're chosen to compliment your training step-by-step.
Free Bonus #1: Content Secrets Bundle
All Super Affiliates have something in common, they have their own info-products in the market. By mastering the game of info-product business, you'll now be able to beat the rest of the affiliates and that's how you become a Super Affiliate.

In fact, inside CB Super Affiliate Training, I've included several trainings on how to use a book to build an affiliate marketing business.

The Content Secrets is a bundle of 7 Manuals to help you create your info-product like an eBook or course.

Here they are...

Manual #1: How to Research an Information Product

Did you know the key to creating a bestselling product starts with good research? However, most people don’t know the right way to research their products. Give yourself an edge by discover the researching secrets inside this manual.

Manual #2. 27 Red-Hot Ideas for Your Next Information Product

Here you'll discover over two dozen different ways to create an information product. You’ll get all sorts of ideas, from creating a traditional “how to” report to creating a “pop culture lessons” report that your readers are sure to love.

Manual #3. How to W.R.I.T.E. Content

One of the keys to writing content faster, easier and better is to find and use a good formula. And now I’m sharing with you the “W.R.I.T.E.” formula to help you do everything from generate a topic idea to writing an article that really engages your readers.

Manual #4: How to Write P.A.G.E.S. of High-Demand Content

Inside this section you’ll discover a simple five-step system for creating long content (such as report and ebooks) faster, easier and better than ever before!

Manual #5: How to Write Compelling Content That Keeps People Reading

Don’t be the affiliate whose content puts readers to sleep. Instead, read this section to discover how to write content that keeps your readers hanging on your every word.

Manual #6: How to Prepare Content Super F.A.S.T.

As a Super Affiliate, you need to create a lot of content… fast. And inside this manual, you’ll discover how to create tons of high-quality content, simply by recycling and repurposing your existing content. You’ll love this strategy because it saves you lots of time and money!

Manual #7: 7 Writing Helps for Every Content Creator

This manual will help you create good outlines, do your research, writer faster, overcome writer’s block, connect with your audience and more. You’ll even find out how to get others to create your content for your… for free!
Free Bonus #2: L1nk Tracker
The second bonus is a URL Cloaker. Something like Bit.ly application, because must hide your affiliate links (and track them).

But this cloud-based software works more than just "hiding" your affiliate links. It also has these features built-in for you...

Split testing: The split testing feature allows you to distribute traffic to different destinations, testing the results.

Retargeting: Add your Facebook or other retargeting code to capture your audience before they go to the redirected affiliate promotion's website.

Detailed Statistics: It becomes your one-stop tracking system. You can see how many unique clicks each link gets as well as geographic and other information of your traffic.

And many more features.

This is the SAME TOOL I'm currently using for my affiliate marketing and tracking all promotion links.
Free Bonus #3: The CB Super Affiliate Templates
I'm going to give you the VAULT of swipe files and templates so you can "produce" content and marketing pieces immediately.

Imagine having access the entire arsenal of fill-in-the-blank templates and tools that Super Affiliates use to create high-quality content in a very short amount of time...

Whether you want to create content for blog, producing reports, writing emails, coming up with your salesletter and so on.

Product Title Templates: The title of your blog post, article, report, ebook or other content is considered one of the most important parts of the entire piece. These ready-made templates are your first step towards getting the sale.

Direct Response Salesletter Templates: Now you can save yourself both time and money by using these three templates to quickly and easily create your sales letter yourself. All you have to do is insert information where indicated by the brackets – and boom, your letter will be finished in a matter of minutes. 

Blog Post Templates: I've included 10 different article templates for some of the most popular article types! These are the ideal starters for any article you want to write - just fill in some blanks and watch your article take shape.

Email Mailing Templates: Use these 13 “plug and play” templates for creating your own high-response email mailings. Perfect for any time you want to whip out a mailing to your list or setup an email autoresponder series.

Headline Templates: Whether you want to warn your prospects, surprise them, delight them or get them excited about your offer, you’ll get the perfect template for the job.

Offer Template: You can use these templates to share a secret discovery, establish your credibility, prove your case or even spike your prospect’s curiosity.

Fill-In-The-Blank Bullet Points: These are the critical parts of your sales letter that turn a lukewarm prospect into a someone who is absolutely convinced they need to get their hands on your offer now. These bullet points will arouse curiosity, share benefits, and hit all of your prospects’ hot buttons with ease.

Call To Action Templates: Here you’ll discover how to call your prospect to action by reversing risk, justifying the price, creating a sense of urgency and other irresistible methods for closing the sale! It's not enough to present your offer, you have to tell the prospect to buy ... and tell them in a language that they can relate to.

15 Ways to Express a Guarantee: You’ll get a full set of templates, including guarantees you’ve never even knew existed, like hybrid guarantees, exceptionally compelling guarantees and much more. Reverse the risk and watch your conversion rate soar.
"Be A Super Affiliate And Earn Your 5-Figure Commissions"
When you become a Super Affiliate, not only will you be crushing it with 5-figure commissions, you'll get the respect and admiration of others.

If you're in the internet marketing niche, you'll even be invited to many events and masterminds. 

They WANT YOU THERE. Red carpet treatment.

But if all that is unimportant, then I guess, the most important part is you'll finally have a REAL ONLINE BUSINESS to generate consistent income for you.

You see, affiliate marketing is not really a business - unless you're able to make steady stream of income from it all the time.

Think of how your life will be so different when you an online business like this...

Knowing at the end of each month, there will be cash into your pocket.

You can even plan your vacations with your family and love ones.

Where will you go for your holidays? Think about it today... because you CAN.

I took more than a DECADE to uncover these secrets and put it together on a silver platter for you. Giving you the ultimate shortcut.

Because I was just a normal affiliate like you in the past - until I spend years mastering these 3 components with my blood, sweat, and tears. 

You could continue to learn affiliate marketing elsewhere... because I don't teach "affiliate marketing" here. I teach you how to become a Super Affiliate, even if you're just getting started online.

Think of the years you could have saved... 

Think of how valuable it is if you can make $10,000 affiliate commission each month...

How much is this worth to you?

To have a real and solid online business? 

I feel it's priceless because you may not even find a Super Affiliate who wants to spill the beans or take the 5 weeks of his time to train you.

But today...

You can get in for only a one-time affordable investment of $497. 

And frankly, I've seen my peers in this industry selling at $997 for this level of training.

Ironically, as a Super Affiliate, you could make that back in just a day with a single affiliate promotion you'll learn from me. Make $500 in one day.

Then, imagine...

It's all clean profit to you... FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

How does that sounds to you?
If you like to sound of that, my suggestion is...

Secure your spot ASAP and I'll knock off $200 for you - so your total investment is only $497 $297 today.

That's it - an affordable one off investment. 

No nonsense upsells or "one time offers" after that.

Just one off investment.
100% Money Back Guarantee for 60 Days
Do you know why I am giving you a 60-day period? 

Simple - Because I will make it 100% risk-free to you.

You can still ask for your money back after completing the 5 weeks of training. Yes, that's how many "extra miles" I'm going for to help you. Of course, I also trust you're an ethical person. Some will take advantage of me; that's alright. I can't let some of them affect good people who are committed to succeed.

So, if you took action and couldn't make back your investment, just let me know, and I'll return your investment - 100% with no questions asked. 

And as a token of appreciation, I'll let you keep my entire training for free.
If you've kept reading until here, you know in your heart you're ready to build a solid affiliate marketing business and finally, making serious money online.

Go ahead and click the button below to secure your spot now for only $297...
See you inside.

Warm regards,
Best-Selling Author, Super Affiliate & World-Class Marketer 
P.S: Remember, when you get in now, you get the best deal of accessing the entire CB Super Affiliate Training, including an additional 3 bonuses for free. I can't promise the same tomorrow, as I may change it by then. 

As you can see, with the 100% money back guarantee, it makes it a no-brainer opportunity for you to grab your limited spot today.

P.P.S: I'm not sure whether you're a newbie or an experienced marketer. 

I mean, if you're a newbie, wouldn't you want to start on the right track to ensure you could make 10X for your effort, time and resources?

And of course, if you're an experienced marketer, stop fooling around with measly affiliate commissions, will you?

Time to get on the fast track and join the ranks of Super Affiliates... 

it's time you stand out from the rest...

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