It has been proven that even in a slow economy, the ideal online business would be in the knowledge-based industry

"How To Launch A ClickBank Digital Product Business"

Dear Friend,

What if I tell you that it's possible to make 7 figures of income without selling expensive stuff?

And the best part is, it's a business that can be automated where you can work anywhere and at anytime you like.
This automated business is none other than selling digital products online by using And if you haven't heard of ClickBank, it's probably the largest digital product marketplace for our internet marketing industry.

The platform handles to payments for you and provide the e-commerce platform for you to start selling online.

BUT - Let's talk about digital products.

They are usually information products, which is short for "info-products".

The most common ones are eBooks and video courses, where they provide "how to" information or education to the buyer.

But the fact is, anything that can be delivered digitally, even a software, is a digital info-product.

In fact, interestingly, Netflix is also a form of digital e-Commerce business, but it's more aimed at the entertainment industry instead of the educational market.

As you can see, this industry is super massive and highly lucrative.

While there are many so-called experts talking about this topic, not many of them have products sold to make more than a million dollar with FULL AUTOMATION.
The digital product business has become super big... 

Back in 2015, Forbes estimated that the online learning industry will make $107 billion. We are now in 2020!

TODAY, knowledge is the key to becoming healthier, wealthier, happier, and everything else - the market is "hungry" to learn as they value information more than ever.

This is why you've seen websites like,,, etc., have become very successful (and highly profitable).

The question is, how can you get a piece of it, "channeling" some of these sales into your own business?
NOTHING can beat the digital product business model...
If you truly ponder on it, it beats the e-Commerce physical product market at any time.

Here's why...
1. You don't have any real cost
You're selling information that is delivered via downloadable material such as a PDF file or online streaming video. Unlike physical products, you don't have inventory.
2. It can be fully automated
Your customer pays you and they get their access. That's it, all automated. With physical products, you'll need to deal with fulfilment. Sometimes, packing and shipping too.
3. Your profit margin goes up to 100%
When you're earning 100% profit, this allows you to have so much more budget for ads or for paying out referral commissions. Also, that takes away the "cost of refund" problem.
Let's say you sell a physical product, maybe a catchy designed T-shirt like the one above.

But there are so many choices of T-shirts your prospects can buy, and furthermore, it's just a “commodity” where there's a limited price for how much a T-shirt should cost!

But if you're selling a "how to" video course?

You name the price. 

If the content can truly help someone to solve their problem, hey, it's rather priceless, don't you think so?

For an example:

If you can teach someone how to save $10,000 when purchasing some real estate, I'm sure you'll not have any problem selling that knowledge for less than $100.

Because that's a ROI of $9,900 to your customer.

I think your customers will gladly pay for it.

Again, digital product business is the best business model EVER...
For instance, did you know that Kindle eBook sales revenue has already bypassed their physical book sales… since 2011, as published by the New York Times?

DIGITAL products is not the future - it's the present.

Here's a simple math of how you can easily make $3,000 a month...

$3,000 / 30 days = $100

If you sell a course for just $50, that's just as little as 2 sales per day to make a comfortable $5K monthly income.

Here's the truth - I sell products below $100 and I was able to generate over a million dollar, without even speaking with a single person over the phone or going live to do any "coaching".
"So Why Are They Still Selling Physical Products With An eCommerce Store, Working So Hard To Earn So Little Profit?"
Well, because they don't really know how to start with DIGITAL PRODUCTS.

I mean, let's be honest...

Assuming you can achieve success with both models, which one would you choose?

A model that can be fully automated, is totally risk-free as there's no cost, and gives you 100% profit margin… or do you still want to follow the "conventional" physical product e-Commerce process?

I'm not saying physical products are not good; I have an eCom business as well...

What I am saying is…

The reason why some don't do it is because they perceive that building a digital product business is a bit harder than doing an eCom business!
... So because they do not know how to build a digital product business, they just build a physical product eCom business. :)
Also, ironically, those experts who are teaching about physical eCommerce are probably making much more money in their DIGITAL PRODUCTS or selling their training (they are selling knowledge to you). 
"Can You Imagine Having The ULTIMATE ClickBank Online Business To Finally Give You The FREEDOM You Have Been Seeking?"
That's exactly what I'll be doing to help you.

It's going to be step-by-step to show you how to start and build it...

The ClickBank Digital e-Commerce Blueprint
This is a powerful and comprehensive modular course training where I'll share with you how to start and build up your brand new digital e-Commerce business, step-by-step - I'll walk you through the 5 parts of launching your online digital business by using ClickBank!
Part 1: Where And How To Start
This is where you start and I'll also show you how to pick your market and where the money is.

Frankly, when you start on this module, you can throw away all of those outdated research methods taught by the "Gurus". I'll also be teaching you my proven 5-step formula in depths, the same formula that I teach my clients who pay me as much as $10,000 for mentoring.

And of course, if you have some expertise or knowledge, it becomes even easier for you to launch here. 
Part 2: Building Your Online Digital Product Business
This is where you'll learn my powerful system of creating your digital product in JUST DAYS - regardless of whether you want to create it by yourself or get someone else to do it for you. 

Then I'll teach you how to "test" the product to se if it sells or not.

Just think… 

In less than a week, you could have a brand new asset that makes money for you… FOR LIFE!

There's a system to developing a product - even if you're just a normal person with no experience.

Create. Sell. Income for life.

Whether you're planning to build a 5 figures, 6 figures or even 7 figures, it all start from here.
Part 3: The Online Business Setup
This is the part where most people got stuck, or got it wrong. 

We'll be covering a simple system for putting up your webpage and all of the elements you need to launch your business online, including the best way to accept payments online.

I'm going to share with you all of the resources needed, which will save you months to research on your own!
Part 4: Launching Your Offer
How do you present your offer that can persuade your prospects to buy your digital product? 

Once you set up this system, you'll now have a website that will be your salesperson 24/7.

In this part, you'll learn my formula and ninja tricks on how to convert visitors to buyers, without even selling hard at all!

Best of all, you're SELLING TO THE WORLD, with a  global market in your hand. 
Part 5: Marketing Your Digital Business
Finally, how to promote your digital business to the world - including using a proven free method to drive traffic to your website by using ClickBank's thousands of affiliates.

With ClickBank, it comes with their affiliate management system for free and they have hundreds of thousands of existing affiliates. Our goal is to focus to get them to promote FOR YOU.

Once you learn how promote, it's time for you to get started with Facebook Ads.
I'm not just going to teach you, I'm going to give you SPECIFIC METHODS for each of the 5 part. 

And these methods are backed with my track record of success of generating over 7 figures via ClickBank alone...

In fact, I've been a ClickBank Platinum status seller for 7 years in a row, since 2013!
This is what it means to be a Platinum status, being the 1% earner of the entire ClickBank...
"The Digital eCommerce Blueprint with 5 MODULES is the most powerful training program I have ever created for helping you to launch your digital product business – whether you’re aiming at just making $1,000 or $10,000 per month."
"Are You An Existing Digital Marketer?"
If you have an existing digital product business, you’ll learn my system where you’ll be easily doubling your existing income.

I know this to be the truth because the business model and strategies I've taught inside ClickBank Digital eCommerce Blueprint are not taught anywhere else...


My model is to focus on low to mid-ticket price products and turn it into a 7-figure business.

Primarily, I focus on ClickBank and how to dominate there. Look - not to be egoistic or anything, I'm just a little guy living in Penang island somewhere in Malaysia, yet, I can compete with all of the top Gurus in ClickBank, even being invited by ClickBank to their HQ in Boise with paid expenses.

There must be something I'm doing differently, isn't it?

I don't sell high-ticket masterminds, consultations, intensive coaching programs, etc because all of those require a lot "work" and I don't want to be trapped in a business.

I focus on building a business where the digital products are EASY TO SELL, the process can be automated to be "evergreen" and most importantly, scalable.
"E-Learning Is Now An Over 1 Billion Dollar Industry And Continues To Grow."
This is the TREND to be in and the good news is, it’s less competitive compared to selling physical products.

Frankly, it's easy to sell some clothes or accessories online to make some bucks. 

So you'll probably go to Taobao or Aliexpress to look for "cheap" products and sell them at a higher price online, right?

But if you know of this info, don't you think your customers will find out too?

And wouldn't it be even worse when they found out AFTER they've purchased from you, after realizing you've marked up 2X or even more?

That's going to be a nightmare because your customers will now feel cheated by you.

Originally, the Digital eCommerce Blueprint was a live workshop I did where attendees paid to attend the training...
This is why it’s very unique and has premier training content.

The workshop is worth $1,000.

But because it's geographically restricted and I also don't have the time to do another class, I've decided to "recreate" the entire 2 day workshop into an online module course so that you're able to access it at anytime, anywhere.

The model is proven to work.

I’ve been in the ClickBank digital business for 7 years now, with thousands of students being trained and making money.

In fact, I’ve even co-authored a book with the person who created the concept of “info-preneuring” himself, the New York Times best-selling author of One Minute Millionaire and Multiple Streams of Income, Robert G. Allen, MANY YEARS AGO, back in 2012 when I was just a "kid"...
If you’ve been trying to get started, STOP STRUGGLING TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE and start getting customers to buy your digital products - every day.
In my humble opinion, the only PROVEN way I know of building a highly profitable online business that will work, no matter what the competition or the current economy, is the "information" business.

So I'd like to invite you to join me in this highly lucrative business today.

And I would understand if you’re unsure of my credibility to teach, considering that there are many people claiming to be gurus nowadays, so here are some credibility facts about me...
Credibility #1: Best-Selling Author of MULTIPLE BOOKS
I’ve authored 3 best-selling physical books and they're on the topics of building profitable online businesses and digital marketing.
Credibility #2: International Speaker In 12 COUNTRIES
I've spoken in 12 countries as an authority on internet marketing, including the United States, the UK, Australia, China and many more.
Credibility #3: Internet Marketing Pioneer Since 2003
I started a digital e-Commerce business in 2003. If my business had not done well or I hadn’t been able to create many success stories, I wouldn't still be around today.
Credibility #4: Generated Over A Million With Just $100 Product
Based on my track record, I was able to build a 7-figure digital product business without selling any high-ticket products. This is important for you to know - because NOT everyone can sell high price ticket products, but "ANYONE" can sell low price products.

So for instance, it's possible for you to sell a $27 eBook to make money online, but it doesn't mean you can sell a $1,000 coaching program. Reason is, high price ticket product requires strong credibility (and not everyone has that).
Credibility #5: Thousands of Students Worldwide
I've trained thousands of students, including having testimonials from millionaires and experts.
Credibility #6: ClickBank Platinum Partner is arguably the #1 digital product "marketplace".

Humbly, as mentioned earlier, I've been awarded as their Platinum Partner each year and this can only happen if I am able to generate significant revenue with ClickBank for my digital products.

Other than this, I was also invited to be the speaker for the first ever ClickBank Asia event.

Unlike other programs that teach you how to create information products, the Digital eCommerce Blueprint is based on real world experience and results.

And on top of that…

When you start the training, you’ll discover that it doesn’t mean that you need to create a digital product – you can even partner with others to do it by using my blueprint!

You can just be turning your BIG IDEA into an online product and profit immensely with it.

In short, It’s about BUILDING AN ONLINE BUSINESS without dealing with physical products at all… everything is DIGITAL.
Get Your Instant Access Today...
SO HOW MUCH is the investment?

As brought up earlier, the Digital eCommerce Blueprint was originally a 2 day LIVE workshop worth $1,000.

For the attendees, it was worth every dollar to them because it was so easy to earn back their investments.

The attendees learned that if a digital product is sold for $100, all it takes is about 10 sales to get back their investment.

Or if the price seemed a bit high, the attendee would just need to get 20 sales for a product sold at about $49 each.

And what if this could be accomplished in just 30 days?

The good news is, you don’t even need to sell 10 units, or 20 units to recoup your ROI.
But here’s what I’m going to do for you...

The Digital eCommerce Blueprint is just $249.

One time off investment for you to start profiting from ClickBank.

In fact, you could make back your investment with just several sales of your digital product, or someone else's!

Do you start to see how quickly you’ll be able to earn back your ROI in no time?

If you decide to get your access today, I've also prepared 3 additional bonuses that will complement your training...

These 3 bonuses will teach you 3 DIFFERENT TYPES of digital info-products that you can also create. They are Kindle eBooks, white labeled software and mini-courses (where you'll learn to promote affiliate programs).
Free Bonus #1: Amazon Book Publishing Manual
When we create this manual, our main objective was to provide a comprehensive, simple-to-follow blueprint to self-publishing success. 

After all, the simplest and quickest way to get into the digital eCommerce business without creating a website is to tap on Amazon's platform for publishing.

We wanted to cut out the fat and filler and deliver only the most cutting-edge, proven strategies used by bestselling authors in both fiction and non-fiction markets. That way, you get the most important actionable information you need in order to be successful without wasting time learning about things that won't make you money.

Here are some of the things you’ll discover…
  • How to choose the most profitable categories on Amazon…
  • ​The easiest way to build a memorable author brand that will generate insane traffic!
  • ​Short-cut strategies to jumpstarting book sales on every marketplace
  • ​One of the most important components to launching a new pen name and how to set it up
  • ​​​Fast-track success strategies to choosing the best keywords and categories for your books…
  • ​​​Learn how to quickly create a memorable author brand so that you can build a massive following in any genre you choose to go with
  • ​​And many others...
Free Bonus #2: The Source Code Blueprint
I call this course, the "source code blueprint" simply because it allows you to launch your own software product very quickly to generate massive income. Software is also a type of digital product. For instance, my competitor "rebranded" a $599 ready-to-go website builder software and generated $203,000 of sales revenue. 

That’s quite insane, isn’t it?

In this course, it breaks down into 2 powerful modules...

Module #1: The Source Blueprint Video Training

I’ll walk you through where you can find the source and how to get started. With this alone, you’ll be able to launch your own app business, even if you’re a newbie and have no technical knowledge at all.

Find the source code and learn how to acquire it to become yours to profit 100%.

Module #2: The Case Study Secrets Video Training

In this module, I’ll share with you how I launched Niche Marketing 2.0, DupliTerminator and CPM BidPro. These are some of my secret stealth software products that have made 7 figures. 

I've never disclose their strategies so that my online businesses are always under the radar. But in Module #2, you’ll discover 3 DIFFERENT PROVEN STRATEGIES of how you wish to launch your own app aka how to get website visitors. 

Or you can use all of these strategies in one launch - it's up to you.
Free Bonus #3: The Mini-Course Blueprint
With this blueprint, you'll finally know how to build a responsive list of subscribers and turning them into eager buyers by using a mini-course.

It's a blueprint that is systematically broken down into FOUR powerful modules that help you to create an automated system to make money from the internet by using emails. 

Module #1 PDF: Optin Page. You'll discover how to layout a money-making plan as well as layout a persuasive, high-converting opt-in page to get website visitors to subscribe.

Module #2 PDF: Mini-Course Creation. This is where you’ll find out how to create a mini-course that will have subscribers beating a path to your opt-in page subscription form.

Module #3 PDF: Email Strategy. Discover how to convert your subscribers into customers who buy from you again and again. This is where the money's at.

Module #4 PDF: Traffic Generation. Get traffic to your opt-page in order to build a big, responsive list and of course, make money from it.
The reason why you're able to join for only $1,000 $249 is because this is a digital version of the workshop.

To get instant access, just click the button below to lock in at this special discount deal now...
100% 30-Day No Risk, Money Back Guarantee
When you get the Digital eCommerce Blueprint, you get a 100% money-back guarantee. That means that you can learn how to start your digital eCommerce business and get 3 free bonuses -- but if you feel that you didn't get your money's worth, or for any other reason, I will give you a full refund PLUS I'll allow you to keep the product and the bonuses.
You can do what everyone else is doing and get the same kind of mediocre results they're getting, or you can learn these powerful digital e-Commerce strategies that I'm using to generate sales every day.

Act right now and get your INSTANT ACCESS while I'm still making this unbelievable deal available. I look forward to seeing you inside...
Q1. I do not have any special knowledge, skill, talent, experience and so on to create a digital product. Is this program still suitable for me?
A1. Yes. The reason is you’re building a DIGITAL E-COMMERCE product. It doesn’t mean that the content has to be from you. For instance, if you’re selling a physical product like a headset, does this mean you need to be a pro about headsets or manufacturing headsets? Of course not. You’re an entrepreneur who provides a source for the headsets to be sold.
Q2. I’m a newbie, is this suitable for me?
A2. Yes, the Digital eCommerce Blueprint has been structured to be step-by-step easy to implement. 
Q3. Is there any additional cost?
A3. No. Unless it’s from third parties. For instance, to set up a webpage, you’ll need to create one. You can hire someone to create one for you, or purchase a page builder tool to do it. It's up to you what third party tools you would like to use. 
Q4. If I do not give you any testimonial despite taking you up on your discount, is that okay?
A4. Of course I would be very happy if you gave me a testimonial when you launch your digital e-Commerce business, but it’s totally not an obligation. 
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