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Dear Friend,
When Google Adwords was introduced back in the early days, many marketers made a fortune from cheap targeted traffic.

Later on, it wasn’t cheap anymore. 

In fact, not only it became expensive, it was very tough to even get the ads approved.
I know that to be the truth - when I was using Adwords in 2003, I was laughing all the way to the bank. If you can see the image above, I was just paying $0.05 (that's 5 cents) a click in Adwords. 

Just think - 100 clicks only cost me five bucks. My gosh, on bad days, I was tripling my ROI. 

Of course, eventually, my Google Adwords account got suspended and things weren't that easy anymore...

Well, history sort of repeat itself. The cost of Facebook ads was cheap too – when it first came out. Again, MANY marketers had also made their fortunes there quietly.

Me included.

Today, although Facebook ads is still a good traffic source and marketing channel, it’s not as cheap and easy as it used to be. 

The exciting news is, there’s a new player in the game today.

And if you know how to do it right, you too could make a fortune before everyone else and their dogs get onboard.

It’s Facebook Messenger Marketing.

So what this is about?

In short, it’s simply getting your prospect into Facebook Messenger Chat and you’ll promote your offer there to them.

Essentially, it’s like EMAIL MARKETING but it’s going to be more responsive, which leads to higher sales conversion. Higher conversion means more money for you.

Just like emails where you can “automate” it with an autoresponder follow up, this takes automation into the NEXT LEVEL with engagement.

Because we’re not interested with the normal Messenger Chat, we’re building a Messenger Bot.

Facts of Why It’s So Powerful...
Co-Founder of SweetThing
1. High Engagement
It's very high engagement because your marketing message (your offer) goes into their Facebook inbox message. They can even respond to you and with your Bot, it can respond back to them.
Co-Founder of SweetThing
2. More “Effective” Than Emails
With emails, you’re competing with so many other email marketers. Right now, your prospects Facebook Inbox is still not crowded yet. So you’re sending your marketing message there – you can definitely expect a much higher “open rate”.

Not to forget, this is NEW. Your prospects are not “immune” to this marketing method – yet.
Co-Founder of SweetThing
3. FAST To Deploy
You could even make money using my system without building a webpage, creating product and so on. Heard about email funnel? You could build your own Bot Funnel in a single day and ready to make money for you.
Co-Founder of SweetThing
4. It’s ATTRACTION MARKETING at it’s core
Because they are the ones who are “messaging” you and your Messenger Bot responding. Without a single doubt, the best marketing is attraction marketing.

And right now, there is ONE BILLION people using Facebook Messenger… 
"Bots Are Approved By Facebook and It's Just Going To Get Bigger In 2019..."
It's an undeniable fact that Facebook Messenger is the hottest thing going on. And when you combine with "bots"... it's a dream come true for marketers like you and me.

And look at this - it's officially published in CNBC that Facebook is encouraging bots. Not only they support it, they're a big fan of it!
I mean, did you read this statement by FB Messenger CEO and VP of Product, David Marcus, on CNBC? 
The question is... what are you currently doing to make sure you're able to ride on this wave and massively profit from it?

Just like when Google Adwords was first opened...
The Mass Bot Profit System
You see, I’ve been secretly testing this marketing strategy and is crushing it.

The fact is, I do lots of other research in my "marketing lab" and always adapting to the latest marketing strategies...
Testimonial from Anik Singal, best-selling author of Circle of Profits and founder of Lurn

The latest system I've developed is profiting by using Facebook chat bots.

Luckily, I'm already ahead of the game.

The good news is, I'll be doing a brand new training to teach you how to build your 24/7 selling machine bot.

Here’s are the details… 
There will be 3 core classes in the entire training, where each class will have multiple modules of video training.

The first class will cover on market research to discover hidden opportunities and how to monetize your “chat audience”. You can even be using this strategy to sell in the internet marketing niche.

Then on the second class, I’ll teach you how to build your bot and setup your chat messages. 

We'll expand into 3 core strategies:

i. The Instant Messenger Profit Method
ii. The Messenger Funnel Follow Up Method
iii. The Mass Broadcast Method  

Once you know how to play this game, you'll create your own selling machine bot... What does this means?

It means, "set and forget". Build a campaign and let it make money for you while you sleep. 

Lastly, I'll dive into teach you how to promote your bot and let it start working for you – at MASS REACH. 

This is where you learn how to use Facebook's own ecosystem to make money online for you, where you can easily reach millions of prospects.

Once you have learn these, you'll then start to learn how to automate the business.

Last but not least, I'll share with you where you can get your ChatBot software and the exact walkthrough on how to set it up. The software is called, ManyChat and you can start using it for free.
Bonus #1: The Double Dip Customer Acquisition Strategy
After you’ve attended the class, you’ll have the privilege to access 2 training sessions which I've recorded in the past. These two trainings are based on my promotions using chat bots with results.

For this first training, I'm going to show you behind the scene how we promote our internet marketing product without violating any of Facebook's terms and conditions. On top of that, this strategy is able to serve 2 purposes - building relationship with the leads and also, presenting an offer for them to buy!
Bonus #2: The Low Cost Recruitment Strategy 
In this training, I'll walk you behind the scene how we use chat bots to get endless of leads to recruit home-based business builders to become our partners. 

When you understand this strategy, you could use it to "recruit" any kind of person you need in all sorts of industry...

Imagine if you're working with a market leader in the real estate industry. And you're able to help him recruit new agents. Do you know how much you could be charging him for this kind of lead?

You can even use this same strategy to "enrol" high ticket clients.

As you can see, mastering this strategy is highly lucrative because you'll just need a handful or "enrolment" in a month to make a good income.
Bonus #3: FB Chat Bot Marketing Campaign
In this training, I'm going to show you the marketing campaign that we have by promoting a book offer but focused on building the Messenger List.

Similar concept with marketers building an email subscriber list, I'm going to show you can build a Messenger List - this will allow you to broadcast to their Facebook Inbox! 

So if you ever heard the term, "the money is in the list", I'm about to show you a new way how to build a new type of list that's going to be your golden goose.
Bonus #4: Website Overlay Software
With this software, you’ll be able to add your own promotion on other people’s websites. 

It uses the latest technology to create beautiful custom overlays that appear at a time and place of your choosing. You can set them to appear on load, as an exit pop up, after a certain number of seconds... the options are endless.

The overlays you add can be used for everything from special offers to list building. They are fully customisable and can contain any content you want to add...

During the training, I’ll also walk you through how to use it with the Mass Bot Profit System. Don’t miss out this opportunity.
Imagine, for a moment, it's 2019 now. 

How well is your online business doing? 

Remember – if you continue to do the same way, using old strategies, you're going to get the same results.

Can you use the latest strategies to succeed? 

Can you join me? 

Sure you can and Mass Bot Profits will show you how, including giving you the software to launch your chat bot as soon as possible.

The faster you start, the bigger the opportunity's going to be for you.

So if you are serious about your 2019, then you simply cannot afford to be without using the latest technology and strategy to make money online. Don't hang around - I mean why wait to start using a proven system?

The investment for Mass Bot Profits is a one-time investment of $197. You can see it at the official website,

HOWEVER, as our first time customer, you are INSTANTLY given a $70 off.

Which means, your today's investment is only $127 after discount. 

And just so you are wondering or worried...
There Are NO Upsell (One-Time Offer) After Your Purchase. 
Just A One Time Off Investment To Use The Entire System.
100% Money Back Guarantee
I personally guarantee that, if you follow the system exactly as I outline in the Mass Bot Profits, you will be able to make money online with Facebook. And, I'll give you 60 days to try it out. If you aren't 100% completely satisfied, let me know and I'll issue you an immediate, no hassle, no questions refund.

I'm convinced that no matter how long you've doing internet marketing, whether you are a beginner or an experienced marketer, this is going to change your ability to generate online profit for 2019!

I know, I am currently using it. I believe in this system so strongly, that I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is - this is why, I'm extending a 100% money back guarantee for you.
Click the button below to secure your spot to attend the class and get lifetime access to the software and the “done-for-you” business today for only $197 $127…
Warm regards,

- Patric Chan
Best-Selling Author & World-Class Marketer

P.S: Some of the techniques you'll learn are so powerful and hard hitting that they have to be kept under padlock and key. Only members get access to my marketing secrets and methods. Try the system out risk-free for 60 days for just a one-time investment of $197 $127 and you'll instantly discover what I mean -- this stuff is epic.
Common Q And A's...
Q1. I do not have a product of my own to promote. Can I still benefit from the Mass Bot Profit System?
A1. Absolutely. You could launch affiliate marketing to start making money with this system.
Q2. I do not have any technical background; can I still pick it up?
A2. Yes. You can use ManyChat bot software or Mobile Monkey App for free and we’ll also be providing step-by-step tutorial on how to use it.
Q3. Is there a money back guarantee?
A3. Yes, you’re protected with a 100% money back guarantee so that you can test out the system, risk-free. 
Q4. I have my own website and product. Can I use the system to promote it?
A4. Yes, the strategy will work for you. However, keep in mind that if you’re selling your own product, the sales conversion is going to be based on how well your own website can convert and how valuable your product is for your market. If you haven’t sell before online, an easier way to monetize profits is to promote affiliate program.
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